Guy Kawasaki is Coming to Empower

Join us to hear a keynote address from author, speaker, entrepreneur and evangelist Guy Kawasaki. Guy’s written fifteen books, including Rules for Revolutionaries and Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions. He’s given keynote addresses for Apple, Nike, Gartner, Google and Microsoft, among others, and we look forward to welcoming him to Empower.

Speakers who inspire from experience

Empower features inspiring stories from speakers who have used Laserfiche to solve a wide variety of business challenges.
Charles Sims

Head of Technology, LA Clippers

Cindy McKenzie

CIO, Deluxe Entertainment and Co‐Founder, STEM Advantage

Vibhaw Arya

Chief Operating Officer, Shufro Rose

Dr. Jane Close Conoley

President, California State University, Long Beach

Jim McDonnell

Sheriff (Ret’d), County of Los Angeles, CA

Sandy Silk

Director, Information Security Education & Consulting, Harvard University

Ed Evans

CIO, Texas A&M University‐Corpus Christi

Lorraine Aguilar

Chief Engagement Officer at Working Harmony

Nina Carter

President, The Information Professionals

Lea Ericksen

Director of Technology and Innovation and CIO, City of Long Beach, CA

Chad Christensen

Chief Compliance Officer, Semper Augustus Investment

Tracy Colunga

Chief Innovation Officer, City of Long Beach, CA

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